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Ajna Spray™ Transdermal Anti Aging Peptide Spray support for telomeres, mitochondria & pineal (Third Eye?) with free worldwide delivery

Transdermal body spray (for external  use only) containing a transdermal aqueous solution and 10mg of 98% purity AEDG peptide. (also known as  Epithalon, Epithalone  or Epithalamine.)

Each bottle gives approx 300 sprays and should be about a 1 month supply at 10 sprays per day. It is now widely accepted that transdermal delivery of nutriceuticals is up to 10 times more effective than oral doses because of the losses  through the digestive system not experienced by transdermal delivery.

It is not available to members of the general public but is available to third party researchers or members of our Mackenzie Protocol co-researchers club (free to join.)

Sourced from a USA GMP certified corporation - NOT FROM CHINA

This is a non-consumer sale for researchers only. This item will only be sold to non-consumers giving us a declaration that it  is being purchased for research.

Previously only available for thousands of dollars per gram after 35 years of  research by Russian scientists and now available fron us in the UK.

We have access to this because we are an established anti aging research company but it is in short supply and sometimes there can be a waiting list of around 3 weeks.Please check with us before you order.

 If you have any unanswered questions about the product please do your research on Google first.

The Mackenzie Protocol Club exists to provide just a few selected niche anti aging cellular maintenance products plus information at the cutting edge of science involving research into such products. It is not designed to, nor is it legally allowed to, claim any medical benefits or to cure any disease or illness. Products supplies are not intended to treat or cure any illness or disease. Members buy them for their own education and research into the new science of maintaining cellular balance which is not yet properly understood by many mainstream medical professionals.



Wholesale enquiries welcome


Links to 104 research papers on USA government website PUBMED


Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine , Volume 142, Issue 3, pp 356-359

Geroprotective effect of epithalamine (pineal gland peptide preparation) in elderly subjects with accelerated aging

The science


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Product History & News

*2010 we brought you the first British/European price challenge to TA65™(trademark owned by TA Sciences inc) with our own HTA98™ herbal telomerase activator.

See video.

The REAL Anti Aging Secret is out!

* 2012 We brought you the first British/European price challenge to GENUINE U-Fucoidan with UF-n(uk)™ (We are not allowed by British law to discuss it's benefits but our co-researcher club members know what they want it for!)

* January 2013. We brought you the first British non-MLM challenge to the various Adult Stemcell Enhancers with our AStRA ™ product

* NOW we bring you the 21st Century Alternatives transdermal patch called PQQ Complete™

* SOON we are bringing you Transdermal Spray  PQQTransMito™ Mitochondrial support

*NOW we are bringing you AEDG Transdermal Spray and raw peptide powder for researchers

Watch this space - more transdermal products are to follow.

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Press Release 10th december 2013

Pineal and DNA support with telomere maintenance properties launched in UK for worldwide delivery Industry: Natural Supplements

35 years of Russian research into short chain peptides announced in Britain from anti aging research club offering free membership

A transdermal spray containing a peptide with 35 years of scientific anti aging research behind it is now available worldwide from a Britsh anti aging research club called the Mackenzie Protocol

All the research suggests that it has anti aging properties through its effect on telomeres and the pineal gland but is also reputed to help support mitochondria and DNA.

The product is announced at a new website at www.ajnapsray.com

The name of the product Ajna Spray was coined from ayurvedic beliefs in the “third eye” but science is now discovering the connection between this and the pineal gland.

The research into the peptde now suggests that it has a more efficient effect on telomeres than cycloastragenol products that have been previously marketed for the last few years for the same reason but Mackenzie Protocol will eventually be offering both products as a complementary protocol together with telomere length test kits carried out at home from simple saliva tests.

As a members club the Mackenzie Protocol members club does not sell to the general public but anyone with a genuine interest in the latest cutting edge science of anti aging can join free and take advantage of their products and services as a a co-researcher.

They are already affiliated to a number of anti aging and health freedom associations including the British longevity Society.